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Welcome to Doricus Home site!

We are aiming to get a good raiding team to have fun and progress in en-game raids. We are in a heavy recruit time, so most are welcome to test out in Doricus. To aply click on * Join Doricus * You find it above the head banner and answear the questions and we will get back to you. You can see your application in the forum part. 

Be pations and enjoy the game.

To see the list of what we need click on "Recruit" on the left side in the Information box.

Other Guild News

ICC10 Heroic started!

Aspires, Jun 10, 10 11:28 AM.
ICC10 heroic started with to many wipes on first boss :P but we got down Marrowgard and Boat in heroic. So easy start :D and lets progress more :)

Blood prince and queen have lost the BLOOD!

Aspires, May 18, 10 7:17 PM.

Tonight was a pretty awsome raid!

We manage to kill the blood princes in 3'rd try, and we did queen on second try!

Good job all!

and ofc the first picture from Lich King! :D

Sindragosa is waisted!

Aspires, May 17, 10 5:07 PM.

oh well, dont look like the bone crap can move more :D

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